I have been talking a lot about emotional things so maybe people are getting bored or not understanding it. I am also bored about writing it and telling you the truth i don’t have much to write now too😉😉😉

So now let’s talk about something else. Everybody reading this post will have some hobby or another. Some like to play, some like to travel , some like to read and many other things. Now tell me 1 thing what is a hobby??

If you ask me, according to me hobby is something which you enjoy doing, that enjoyement that will to do that no-I-have-to-do-it-at-any-cost thing makes the hobby and later passion.

So basically everybody has a hobby and some may even have many hobbies (I myself have many😜😜). Some may have converted into their passion and working hard to achieve it as their means of livelihood. Good infact very good. Work really hard to do it. 
Ok! Now tell me who are entrepreneurs??

These are those people who bring something new in the working job scenario and increases options for students finding something new to do.

Now I can totally tell that many people are thinking what am I doing? First I criticize my own work then talk about hobbies and then out of the blue i talk about entrepreneurs. Am I all right?? Yup! I am perfectly fine. Actually I wanted to tell you people something.

I didn’t like my work…I criticized it. I spoke my mind which everyone should do. They should speak what they think and not to impress others. Share your feelings with your friends coz they know you very well and so can advise you. You know in front of a hospital, on a banner, I read something. There it was written ” if you had opened your heart in front of your friends then it has not to be opened here using instruments”Friends can be anyone. Who you are comfortable in sharing are friends not just your peers.

Then i talked about hobbies. Actually I talked about it just for fun and to realise you all to never leave your hobbies. They are the ultimate way for you to relax at the end of the day. So keep your passion for your hobbies alive so that later in life you an even became an entrepreneur later in your life. You never know!

Be happy😊😊


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