Never Give Up – Ever

Never ever give up in your life or for that matter even your life. Before doing such a silly thing (according to me) think- who all are depended upon you? Who all will be affected by your decision? Will they be happy or sad? What about my parents?

You know when you are born, foundation to a building named family is laid. Bricks of this building are your relationships with different people ,with your parents. If you remove this foundation, break it or make it weak, the whole building will collapse hurting not only you but all those people who were connected to you.

You know many people are depended upon you and you are depended on many people directly or indirectly. If you think that nobody will care then you are wrong. There are those people out there whom you may help to make their life better. If youthink there is no solution to your problem then you are wrong because there is always a solution to a problem to a solution and if there is no solution then this is not a problem. 

You know while reading today’s morning newspaper I came across an article. It stated about a 3- year old girl who was born with a part of her twin inside her. She had many double parts, even had 3 legs. It was reported that it was one of its kind case. Many doctors even said that nothing is possible but neither she or her parents gave up nor the doctors. Her parents took her to a well renowned hospital abroad and got her treated there. Doctors were successful in doing surgery and she is now healthy and fit.

Now think if such a rare case can be solved, if such a problem can have a solution then why not yours.

Life is just like a game of cricket which you play alone. There are no rules in this game nor anyone else. Just life is throwing balls at you in the form of opportunities and you are batting. This game will never be over and you will never be out until you give because life has unlimited balls. If you didn’t strike an opportunity no problem, it will throw another and then another. 

So never give up. Think positive and stay happy ,then solutions will be easy to find…😊😊

Remember: God help those who help themselves…


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